Cross Tabulations

Utilizing the most powerful tabulation software on the market, cross tabulationthere are no limitations to the scope of cross-tabulations that Tab House is able to provide. From small base size jobs, to multi-country tracking surveys involving millions of respondents, Tab House has the resources to produce fast and accurate results.

Tables are produced at various levels of sophistication, depending on the specific requirements of each respective study. Data is computed, summarized and displayed in a clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand manner. Data weighting (by targets, factors or margins), mathematical computations, and statistical tests can be applied to any part the data. Customized “Grid Tables”, as well as “Summary Tables” are available for clients, in order to facilitate their presentations.

At Tab House, we aim to meet additional project requests as they evolve, because we recognize the importance of our client’s needs to be responsive to their own clients. We understand that analysing and interpreting survey results, delivering answers and solutions, and unfolding the story behind the research, is a process. If our clients need to re-visit some data points, examine variables through different filters, re-segment the database, or investigate certain trends after reviewing the initial set of results, Tab House is ready to assist. We acknowledge the importance of on-going support of our data processing services and view this as “part of the job”, as opposed to an opportunity for additional billing. Subsequent follow-up cross-tabulations can be provided to our clients at limited or no additional expense.

Tab House can provide customized copies of tables in various formats, files, and active databases for post-analysis. For example, tables can be provided in Excel/Word/Text/E-tabs format, with or without frequencies/percentages, with or without Sig Testing (with/without percentages/frequencies).

Cross-tabulation Services at a glance:

  • Cross Tabs from a variety of databases (ASCII/Excel/Text/Column-Binary/SPSS)
  • Actionable Excel workbooks that can be customized by end users with simple clicks for charting/graphing
  • Over 1,000 columns per banner for Excel Tables
  • Up to 27 columns per banner for Word Tables
  • Table of Content Hyperlinks to Excel Tables
  • Data Weighting (Multi-levels)
  • Mean/Median/Variance
  • Standard Deviation/Standard Error
  • Horizontal/Vertical Percentages
  • Net Groups/Ranking
  • Mathematical Computations
  • Multi-Level Significance Testing/T-Tests/F-Tests/Chi Square
  • Tabulations at different levels of Hierarchical Data
  • And much more…